Turning structured data into valuable well-written insights


Today is a great day.

OnlyBoth.com, my new company just launched. We’re really excited about what we created and all the press we’re getting.


Our technology is really cool. It takes structured data (think big spreadsheets!) and finds insights that are hidden in plain sight. But not just that, it ALSO writes them up in perfect English, just like if a real person had analyzed the data and written a report about it.

To get the word out about the technology we created an application that leverages US College data. All the insights were created using an automated process. How much insight data has the software generated for this first application? Well, think something equivalent to 30 “Moby Dick”, or 65 “The Hobbit”, or 80 “Philosopher’s Stone” books.

Check it all out at OnlyBoth.com

~ Andre Lessa (@lessaworld)